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  • About Us

    Gear Fluidsis a unit of S SQUARE EMPOWER, a research and development-based Indian workhouse specializing in Scientific, Academic, Technical Industrial Services.

    For academic project assistance, we have a focus on the Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Technology, and Doctor of Philosophy sectors in Aerospace, Mechanical, and Automobile Engineering.

    We have a cooperating team that has come from the industry, academia, and national labs, and their work touches on various arenas all over the world. They have skills and expertise that range from technical and organizational, to academic and educational research works. Besides that, they bring affluent industrial backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, talents, and cultures to our resources.

    Our offerings also include digital tools and software for exceptional research content development; efficient proofreading and editing; as well as effective handling of the online internship opportunities.

    Research what nobody else has thought

    Our Features

    You will find lots of Features out their for common use cases but we are focusing on what's important to an individual. That's why we bring quite effection Featues just for you.

    On Time

    100% on-time services by maintaining the pre-eminence of the clients all around the world.

    24/7 Support

    A 24/7 support system is the major attribute of us for our customers. So, we are always there beside you through online or offline communication.


    Your Infomation is secure with us. we give full gurranty of your work privacy. We are also pleased to offer you the proper guidance to deal with the confidentiality to accomplish your goals.

    Low Cost

    The immense knowledge of our team offers inexpensive and cost-effective services with standard works for various arenas which include a wide range of projects or researches. Thus, we synthesize a smart ground for preparing an affordable service.

    High Quality

    We have domain-wise specialists to deliver unique works to satisfy our customers by obeying their desires with superior quality, efficient tools, and quality monitoring service for software with real-time project works.

    Reliability & Trustworthiness

    We respect the human values which ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of the customers with optimistic research or project works to help the scholars to receive a glorious life in their respective fields.


    Our Services

    You will find lots of Services out their for common use cases but we are focusing on what's important to an individual. That's why we bring quite effection Services just for you.

    Online Internship Programs

    We will impart you the right internship programs to polish your skills according to your availability that will ennoble your status.

    Academic Project Assistance

    We will support you with your academic projects like essays, assignments, research works, etc. by writing, checking grammar, proofreading, editing.

    Research & Development

    We will supply adequate research and internships opportunities to get superior experience and certificates which will help in promoting your profile in the market for earning several job amenities.


    We Provide you 8 Week Programs









    Our Vision

    Our vision is to confer standard contents and to reveal more and more new research grounds and patent works through the GearFluids, considering the Proof of Concept (POC) theory to turn the ideas into reality.

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    GearFluids Internships

    Our Mission

    GearFluids is an organization for the researchers and professionals around the world, which promotes communication and publication facilities for the opulence of engineering, and interdisciplinary researches using the technological advancements.

    Our Initiatives


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